Michiru Munakata

Michiru Munakata (宗方 未知留 Munakata Michiru) is a friend of Ichika Tachibana, the daughter of Rumiko Munakata and the older sister of Rui Munakata whose feelings appears to be rather protective.

Personality Edit

Michiru is a quiet, if not shy, person who tends to speak in a subdued tone of voice and she is prone (likely to or liable to suffer from, do or experience something, typically something regrettable or unwelcome) to making slightly odd comments.

Skills & Abilities Edit

Due to being a miko and having the "power of vision", Michiru can allegedly see ghosts and spirits.

Trivia Edit

  • Michiru is unable to swim in the sea, claiming her skin is sensitive to saltwater.
  • Ichika Tachibana describes Michiru that "She's really into literature, and her instincts are amazingly sharp."

Gallery Edit

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